"Karen's use of the kinesiology tape has been amazing for me in all phases of my pre- and post-surgical rehabilitation."

          Jonelle Mullen, professional equestrian, basketball player



KEL-PT GUARANTEE to all  of our VALUABLE clients: "We PROMISE to do our BEST for YOU in NATURALLY (no medication, no injection, no surgery) meeting YOUR goals of PAIN FREE movement or find someone who can!


"I met Karen in May 2017 when she spoke to my distance running training group about injury prevention. I had been experiencing minor to moderate hamstring pain for about 6 months but was continuing to run and kept telling myself ‘it’s not that bad’.  After listening to Karen talk about common running injuries and not letting small problems become big problems, I had to admit to myself that my hamstring issue wasn’t getting better.  I really wanted to run a marathon in the fall and I was beginning to realize that might not be possible if I didn’t address the hamstring issue.  I made an appointment with KEL-PT for a runner analysis and a gait assessment. Karen quickly identified deficits in my core, hip and glute strength as the root cause of my hamstring pain.  I had never realized how unstable I was standing on one leg until Karen had me do one legged squats and I saw myself shifting and wobbling in the mirror.  That was an eye-opening moment for me! Karen showed me a series of strengthening exercises to help address my deficits.  She also showed me how to stretch properly pre and post-run and guided me on how to improve my running form.  I kept up with the exercises and Karen would regularly review my progress and pinpoint very precise adjustments I needed to make to ensure my form was 100% correct and that I was getting the maximum benefit from the exercises.  She also did soft tissue massage, ultrasound and taping to help stimulate healing in the hamstring.  I am very happy to say that I began feeling stronger and the hamstring pain started improving within about 2 months of working with Karen. I began to realize that running a marathon in the fall would be possible if I kept up with the exercises and did all the things Karen taught me about stretching, strengthening and maintaining good running form.  I continued working with Karen and nearly 6 months to the day from my visit to KEL-PT, I crossed the finish line at the 2017 Richmond Marathon. I set a personal record, beating my best time by almost 3 minutes.  However, even more significant than that, I ran 26.2 miles pain-free.  When I first started seeing Karen, I had low-grade pain in my hamstring constantly.  To be able to run 26.2 miles and not feel that pain was amazing. I am grateful that I met Karen this year.  Working with Karen for the past six months made a huge difference in my running strength and I would not have made it to that finish line without her!"  Pam Rich – marathon runner

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