What We Do

KEL-PT offers a full spectrum of services including injury prevention and ergonomics services in the workplace; physical therapy to alleviate pain, help heal injuries or in need of rehab following surgery, "return to sport/life" training, and small group classes for post rehabilitation treatment and to enhance sport or functional performance.  

All 1:1 sessions with the physical therapist include hands onMaitland-based manual therapy, including joint and soft tissue mobilization and manual strengthening.

At KEL-PT, our goal is to educate and empower our clients to work and play safer and more comfortably so that they can prevent pain and injury naturally, without medications or injections, remain focused on treatments, and shorten recovery time.

"Karen guided me through the rehabilitation process and now currently leads me in sports performance services."

          Al Sivick, national tennis player and team captain

Before I worked with Karen I felt like I was going to have lifelong shoulder problems, yet another issue in my post 50 year old body.  Now my shoulder feels totally normal and I’m back to my full activities and exercising 6 days a week.”  

          Pamela B. – mother, health enthusiast

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“After sustaining an injury to my shoulder, I neglected it for several weeks, and as a result it became very painful to play tennis.  I eventually approached Karen who began to work on my shoulder.  I never had to give up tennis and now never feel pain when I play.”

          Carolyn B., tennis player and team captain

KEL-PT GUARANTEE to all  of our VALUABLE clients: "We PROMISE to do our BEST for YOU in NATURALLY (no medication, no injection, no surgery) meeting YOUR goals of PAIN FREE movement or find someone who can!

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“Thank you Karen!  I attended a workshop for my shoulder that had limited mobility and was compromising my activities on land and in the water.  I was totally impressed with Karen's total involvement in my PT sessions, her enthusiasm and positive energy!  With her knowledge and help to build and strengthen my shoulder, I can now get my shoulder/arm out the window at the drive up bank window, reach for the cup of coffee to go and exercise more comfortably!   I totally recommend Karen!
Susan Taft

          Susan Taft, exercise enthusiast


"Karen's use of the kinesiology tape has been amazing for me in all phases of my pre- and post-surgical rehabilitation."

          Jonelle Mullen, professional equestrian, basketball player

214 N. Pearl Street, Wayne, NE 68787

I sprained my ankle one month before a huge dance performance.  I was on crutches and finally a walking boot and then an air cast after two weeks.  When I first came to Karen, I had to focus on just standing on my hurt ankle and balancing on one leg.  Now, I am exercising, running – and most importantly- ready just in time for my performance!  Thank you!”  

          Solei Becker – student, dancer, softball player

​"I have been battling shoulder issues for a number of years.  A few years ago it came to the point where I had to give up playing tennis.  The pain and stiffness hampered me in my work, sports and even driving.  My doctor referred me for physical therapy, but that specific therapist brought only temporary relief.  It was recommended that I start thinking of surgery.  In desperation, I tried acupuncture, massaging, chiropractic services, personal training and home exercises without any satisfactory results.  

I have been playing tennis with Karen for a number of years and decided to have her look at my shoulder.  Well, I am happy to say that I am back on the tennis court with no shoulder pain and that I could return to my daily activities pain free.

I like the idea of having direct access with Karen.  I never had any problems from my insurance company reimbursing me.

The best part is that I have retained Karen as my performance trainer.  she keeps me strong and limber and I feel the result of her workouts on the tennis court.  I feel that I am able to be proactive in warding off injuries under the watchful eye of a highly professional care giver.  

I would not hesitate to recommend Karen's services, both as a physical therapist and as a performance trainer.  "  
          Danita Lemmer, avid tennis player, guitarist, preschool teacher

Meet Our Office Manager

Katie Suing​ is originally from Carroll, Nebraska and went to Wayne High School.   After high school, she graduated from Northeast Community College with a Business Degree.  Katie and her husband live in Laurel.  

Katie was instrumental in the start of up efforts at KEL Physical Therapy & Wellness in the winter of 2019 and has been helping us, help others, ever since.   She really enjoys working with clients and seeing them reach their goals with a natural healing approach.  

Katie's favorite things to do when she is not at the office are hunting, spending time at the lake and reading.   

Meet Our Physical Therapists

A sports related knee injury in college that required a lengthly recovery period inspired Karen Longe, PT, DPT to direct her education to the path of physical therapy.  Since earning her Master's Degree in Physical Therapy from Northern Arizona University and Doctorate of Physical Therapy from The Evidence in Motion (EIM) of Health Professions, Dr. Longe has achieved over 20 years of extensive experience providing physical therapy services.

She has practiced in a variety of settings including sports medicine, outpatient rehabilitation, spine center, and ergonomics consulting in the corporate environment.  Dr. Longe focuses on ALL-NATURAL (no medications, injections or surgery) treatments  including Maitland manual therapy techniques,  certified in dry needling, RockTape kinesiology taping methods, sports-related injuries in young athletes,  evidence-based treatment and prevention and is a certified Senior Strength Trainer.  

Dr. Longe enjoys being able to participate in a variety of physical activities, pain-free, including tennis, bike riding and hiking with her family including Mustang (English Creme Golden Retriever) and Snickers (Bernese Mountain Dog).

As the newest member of the KEL team, Julie Vilkas, PT, MPT is excited to bring her experience in manual therapy and general orthopedics to Wayne. Graduating from the University of Evansville in Indiana with a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Physical Therapy, Julie worked
for over ten years in a variety of treatment settings including outpatient orthopedics, home health, and inpatient rehab prior to joining KEL. She and her family moved to Wayne from Arizona about 4 years ago when her husband took a faculty position at Wayne State College. Julie brings various manual therapy techniques including muscle energy, myofascial release, and craniosacral therapy to the clinic as well as an enthusiasm for lifelong fitness and wellness.

In her free time, Julie loves to travel with her family and pursues active living through running, hiking, kayaking, and rock climbing. Her favorite part of being a physical therapist is the interaction with people from the community.